Understanding how your Agent represents you.

Prior to hiring Stacey, each client receives a personal consultation where the home selling process is explained. Stacey will outline the steps that a seller will go through within the selling process…and moving forward, will make sure that you’re informed and reminded along the way as to what steps unfold next.

Advice will be given on how to prepare your home to improve attractiveness to buyers and ensure the highest price offered. Stacey will also explain how offers are reviewed and countered, along with the details that lead you up to a successful closing and possession date.

Discussions will take place regarding the following:

  • Current real estate market conditions – Understanding your local market conditions as well as what the activity has been like historically
  • Understanding how your Agent represents you
  • Preparing your home for sale -Providing advice on things that can be improved to achieve the highest price offered
  • Evaluating your home - Providing an in-depth market analysis, taking into account the unique features and upgrades done to your
  • Marketing plan review - Ensuring that your property receives maximum exposure with online & offline marketing to capture the right audience
  • Advising on due-diligence steps that should be taken when marketing your home for sale, to protect your asset. Each home has a unique set of features, whether positive or negative - Stacey will help you prepare a marketing package that showcases your home in its best light, while ensuring that you’ve covered all disclosure items
  • Receiving and reviewing an offer - Or sometimes, multiple offers if there is more than one buyer interested at the same time. Explaining how such situations are handled in order to achieve the highest price possible
  • Counter offer -Often, the seller will need to make changes to the offer, whether it’s price or other terms and conditions of the contract. Stacey will advise you on how to prepare a counter offer and take care of the negotiation process
  • Preparing for the closing and possession date - Stacey will ensure that your lawyer receives the contract and supporting documents so that all parties can sign the final closing docs and will assist with releasing keys to the buyer
When you choose to work with Stacey English, you’re choosing a professional who has an impeccable track record for bringing about success in her clients’ real estate portfolios, one who looks forward to creating a lasting relationship that you can count on to bring success to your future real estate endeavors.